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TIN Ducks Puzzle

TIN Ducks Puzzle

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A 1000-pieces jigsaw puzzle of Trans*, Intersex, and Non-Binary Ducks illustrated by Berlin artist Katja Anton Cronauer.

Trans*, Inter*, Non-binary Ducks

The mallards in this puzzle all have a plumage that is a mixture of the colors of typical female and male ducks. They thus symbolize gender diversity.

Even in reality, mallards do not always look like typical female or male ducks. In their youth and outside the breeding season, drakes wear plumage that looks very similar to that of females. Older female ducks produce increased amounts of testosterone, which causes their plumage to gradually resemble that of the males. Intersex ducks probably exist just as they do among many other animal species

Cis Ducks

For comparison to the ducks in the puzzle, here are two adult cis-endo ducks as they typically look during the breeding season.

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