About us

Queer people have fought hard for their visibility in recent years and therefor queer art can be found much more often on social media. Our goal is to make this art accessible for every person, in the form of a kind of gallery & store. This is how the project Keller Kreuzberg came alive. 

As we began to shape our idea, it was important to us to feature all different types of queer makers producing everything from art, to books, ceramics, candles, apparel and sexual wellness. We now feature more than 100 queer-owned brands!

As two cis gay guys running Keller Kreuzberg, we always said we wanted to have a store for everyone in the community. The word queer is one that we can all associate with, and we wanted our shop to reflect that spirit of inclusivity.
That means we are working on educating ourselves on lesbian, trans and non-binary life and sex products. We already feel way more confident and informed but are always happy to get feedback on any product.

We want to work with queer makers from Berlin and around the world. Allies are welcome, too. We can support young artists with price development as well as printing. We have also an extra room for exhibitions, pop-ups or production. 

Work with us!
If you are an artist who likes our concept, please feel free to contact us, and we can have a chat about collaboration and retail. Write us a mail to hey@kellerkreuzberg.com or use the contact form below.

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