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Sam Morris

Sam Morris "Pieces of a Boy: A Few Queer Things That Happened"

Sam Morris "Pieces of a Boy: A Few Queer Things That Happened"

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Sam Morris, a multidisciplinary artist from London, embarked on a remarkable journey that began with an illustrious career as a child actor. Unforeseen by many, Morris took a daring leap into the realm of adult artistry, unveiling his eponymous erotic platform in 2016. It was on this platform that his softcore boudoir photography emerged as a beacon of queer romanticism, captivating audiences and earning him widespread acclaim, including capturing the attention of international publications and esteemed fashion houses. In the year 2020, Morris unveiled a new facet of his creative expression with the release of his debut book, "Don’t Fall In Love, Sam." This literary compilation features a poignant collection of essays and poetry inspired by his time dwelling in the hedonistic city of Berlin. Notably, Russell T Davies described the work as "like love letters from the edge," cementing Morris' place as a captivating storyteller.

In this unfiltered collection of essays, Morris fearlessly confronts the complexities of personal history with raw honesty. With each page, he unveils profound and witty revelations, navigating through the emotional landscapes of estrangement, elite performing arts education, Berlin hedonism, and the rollercoaster of love and lovelessness. Morris paints a vivid portrait exhuming the past, revisiting violences endured, often through a darkly comic lens, in this compelling exploration of the human experience.

Paperback, 268 pages

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