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Niklas Jeroch Design

Niklas Jeroch "Organic Angle Vase" Magenta/Green Chromo

Niklas Jeroch "Organic Angle Vase" Magenta/Green Chromo

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Niklas Jeroch uses painting, sculpture as well as CGI and mixes thematic areas such as technology, the future, materiality, sci-fi, anime and color theory. The result is a world shaped by aesthetics and its own logic, which acts like a mirror of his inner perception of our existence. In his works he prefers intense colors, modern materials and an interplay between computer-based and handmade.

Jeroch is born 1990 in Bielefeld, Germany.
He studied art history and archaeology with a Bachelors degrees at University of Leipzig, Germany 2010-2017.
Since 2016 Jeroch lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

His "organic angel vases" are duo-chrome 3D-printed vases made from PLA (PLA is classified as a 100% biosourced plastic: it's made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. Lactic acid, obtained by fermenting sugar or starch, is then transformed into a monomer called lactide.)

They are produced with less than 1% production waste. The 3D printer processes the material for the vases through a printing nozzle. This nozzle can move millimetre by millimetre and leave small marks. We love irregularities, and each vase can have slight scuff marks from the printing process. 

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