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NOTO "Rooted Oil" 2 oz/59 ml

NOTO "Rooted Oil" 2 oz/59 ml

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Scented Skin Oil

A lightweight, moisture-rich, universally sexy scent for skin and hair, the Rooted Oil is our modern take on the smell of ritual-burning palo santo and other oils of nature. This body and hair oil has deep yet subtle undertones of smoke, wood, earth, and hints of bergamot and cardamom to provide you with layers of grounding in a non-gendered scent. With a base of argan oil, you get an oil that nourishes both hair and skin for your everyday self-care routine.

Multi-use: Great as a nourishing hair treatment, body oil, or your favorite body scent


Fractionated Coconut Oil: Is lightweight, nourishing, and hydrating
Argan Oil: Is high in vitamins A and E for nourishing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory results
Palo Santo: Is a sustainably harvested purifier with grounding and mood-lifting properties
Vetiver: Added for its calming, cooling, grounding, and centering effects
Cedarwood: Works as a toxin remover and has soothing and optimism-enhancing properties
Labdanum Absolute: Calms the mind and grounds you. It also has anti-aging benefits
Cardamom: Offers aphrodisiac effects and has uplifting properties

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