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NOTO "Deep Serum" 1 oz/30 ml

NOTO "Deep Serum" 1 oz/30 ml

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Brightens, tightens, and repairs the skin's barrier as well as
protect with hydration rich, age managing botanical ingredients
that will deeply penetrate skin and senses.

It gives an instant glow while changing your skin’s texture with regular use.

Apply in the morning + evening on the face, neck, tops of hands, lips, etc...


Green Coffee Oil: Has skin tightening and awakening effects to encourage collagen and elastin production
Grapeseed Oil: Provides moisture and fine line management. Can also lighten dark circles, prevent sun damage, and fade scars
Carrot Seed Oil: Ensures healthy cell rejuvenation to aid in healing acne
Marula Oil: Designed to lock hydration into your skin with amino acids and vitamins C and E
Grapefruit Oil: Has vitamin C with antiseptic and disinfectant properties
Sea Buckthorn: Contains vitamin C to prevent acne, smooth skin texture, and reduce skin irritation

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