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NOTO "Agender Oil" 2 oz/59 ml

NOTO "Agender Oil" 2 oz/59 ml

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Skin and Hair Oil

This gender-free vegan hydrating oil is here to soften and protect your anywhere hair, wherever you choose to grow it. Incredible for the body as well as your hair, the Agender Oil is the perfect harmony between strong and soft and everywhere in between. 

Moisture-rich hemp seed oil is mixed with smoky vetiver and soft lavender create a unique formulation and nutrient-dense treatment.

Use this skin and hair oil after cleansing to enhance your body and self-care routine, calm irritated or dry skin, hydrate and re-texturize dull hair, leaving you with an incredibly uplifting natural scent. Always uni-versally-sexy.

TIP: You can apply a bit of our hair and body oil to your eyebrows to help them grow and strengthen.

Also, use it as a luxurious massage oil for special friends.


Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in omega fatty acids that promote hair growth
Vetiver: An anti-inflammatory ingredient with a pleasant, smoky scent
Lavender: Adds antibacterial qualities and a calming, soft scent to our hair and body oil

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