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Tomáš Horych

"KAMA SUTRA" Coloring Book by Tomáš Horych

"KAMA SUTRA" Coloring Book by Tomáš Horych

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Love each other and ... paint yourselves!

From the front, from behind, on the car, in the forest... These coloring books for adults are not called Kamasutra coloring books for nothing. They offer not only entertainment, but above all inspiration for couples. They show all the love and sex positions - classic ones, but also more daring ones that might make you blush, and ones that will make even experienced yoginis break out in a sweat. Just like in the Kamasutra!

These salacious coloring books have a whopping 40 pages. And yes, it's not just heterosexual couples who will find inspiration here. The Kamasutra coloring books are decidedly modern, so you'll find love and tenderness from lovers of the same sex.


The Kamasutra coloring books are fundamentally different from the usual coloring books you know. Although they are salacious and intended for 18+ artists, the lovers are depicted in a tasteful and non-offensive way. Well, with a few exceptions!

They provide a great way to relax, but also make a fun gift, perhaps for a friend or colleague. You'd be surprised how many people would color such adult coloring books with enthusiasm!

The anti-stress coloring books are printed on high-quality, heavy paper that is perfect for coloring with colored pencils, felt-tip pens and watercolors. The colored pages can easily be torn out of the book to proudly hang your work on the wall or even frame it.
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