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ISO KOTTI BERLIN Print 70x50cm

ISO KOTTI BERLIN Print 70x50cm

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Bruno Pinto da Cruz is an Architect and Illustrator based in Lisbon/Berlin who started ISOMATIC, a sequence of isometric drawings transformed into illustrations, unveiling the urban scenario in different colours and shapes.
Bruno has focused on Berlin’s iconic neighbourhoods like Kottbusser Tor, Kurfürstendamm or Oberbaumbrücke. Without any attempt at realism, these images capture the essence of such places and create a very optimistic and cheerful utopia vision of these neighbourhoods. They become playful and flooded with color, small paradises inhabited by dinosaurs, wild animals, sculptures or exotic trees. Such figures replace the real people that belong to these urban landscapes and they are somehow an artistic exploration of the imaginary of the city. They live in almost a parallel existence with each other, making the represented space more dramatic – a fantastic wonderland.

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