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Intimate Wipes "Quickies" 7 Wipes

Intimate Wipes "Quickies" 7 Wipes

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Do what you want - whenever and wherever you like!

With our Quickies, it's even easier to apply our motto to your everyday life. Would you like to freshen up very quickly before, during, or after your date? Do you prefer to take your time in the shower? Or do you like it natural? We offer the option, you decide!

The intimate wipes are ideal for a quick fix on the go.

Our Quickies for your quickie. With lactic acid and chamomile extract: nourishing and moisturizing. Dermatologically and gynecologically tested. pH-optimized for your intimate area.

Disposable via the toilet. For external use only. Not suited for contraceptive use.

One pack contains 7 intimate hygiene wipes.

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