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Gay Bar – Why we went out

Gay Bar – Why we went out

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An indispensable, intimate and stylish celebration of the institution of the gay bar, from the post-AIDS-crisis 1990s to today's fluid queer spaces.

'A brilliantly written and incisive account of gay life' Colm Tóibín

'Each page made me yearn for the dance floor... I'm so glad that someone has written this definitive book about gay bars' Amelia Abraham, author of Queer Intentions

Propulsive music and euphoric crowds; drag queens and go-go dancers; strobe lights, dark rooms and glory holes. Gay bars have long been sites of joy and solidarity, sexual expression and activism. But around the world, they are closing.

Atherton Lin draws from his experiences of clubs, pubs and dives in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles - and a transatlantic romance that began late one restless night - to trace queer histories.

An expansive and vivacious celebration of an institution, Gay Bar is also a stylish, intimate exploration of what these spaces mean, how they are changing and what we stand to lose when they close their doors.


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