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Polar Embassy

“Club of Queens” by Rory Midhani

“Club of Queens” by Rory Midhani

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  • What's special about this deck?

    Each suit is dressed according to the characters’ subcultures: Diamonds in drag, Spades in Leather, Clubs in Clubwear, and Hearts in.. nothing at all, they’re naked! As the number of the cards goes up, a new character joins the party, for a total of 54 lovable lil' queer characters across the deck.

  • What games can we play with it?

    Perfect for queer Poker nights, Rummy raves, Crazy Eight kikis, Blackjack balls and Texas Hold Me’s ;)

  • What order are the cards in?

    In our deck, Queens trump Kings. But you can play however you like :)

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