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Spyros Rennt

Spyros Rennt "Corporeal"

Spyros Rennt "Corporeal"

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Corporeal: Spyros Rennt explores themes of identity and sexuality in his new book of photography.

Featuring 150 new photographs, ‘Corporeal’ is self published and designed by Rennt himself. The cover is designed by noted creative Marwan Kaabour. The book features a foreword text by dutch curator Maia Kenney.

Corporeal presents Rennt’s experiences and observations of different communities (the queer community and the underground club scene, sometimes intertwined), not from an outsider perspective, but as a part of these groups. The content of the images is personal and ranges from tender to raw; humour can also be present. His friends and loved ones are his favourite subjects. The relationships are recorded in the public sphere as well as in private: on club dancefloors and bedrooms, on beaches and hotel rooms. The camera aims at objects or spaces occasionally, his main focus however remains people.

“My work celebrates queer visibility. I create with the desire to contribute to current emancipatory struggles while remaining relevant and still resonating to future generations. Vulnerable expressions, vivid colours, random gestures are some of the elements I look for when I produce an image.”

Hardcover, 160 Pages, 150 Images

Who is Spyros Rennt?
Spyros Rennt is a lens based artist who lives in Berlin, originally from Greece. The images he creates are part of a dynamic, ever changing dreamscape primarily exploring the allure of freedom and sexuality, as observed in queer spaces and club dancefloors around Europe. Identity, community and intimacy are elements which can be experienced in his pictures.

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