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Platinum Silicone Kegel Balls Set of 3 Medium

Platinum Silicone Kegel Balls Set of 3 Medium

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Key Features
  1. These exquisite eggs seek a warm & comfortable environment in which to rest until they are ready for entrance into the world
  2. Classic oval shape facilitates comfortable insertion & maximum muscle contact
  3. Medium Size: Diameter: 5cm, Length: 7cm, Circumference: 16cm
  4. Dine in with a partner or eat out alone
  5. Includes 6 eggs – gradually increase strength & capability
  6. Hand-poured from platinum silicone – 100% body safe, non-toxic & compatible with silicone & water-based lubricants

Seeking a comforting and warm environment, these eggs have hatched prematurely and are in need of a new host.

Adapting perfectly to their environment, the Sinnovator Eggs reach their desired destination with ease and rest there until they are once again ready for their entrance into the world. Having expertly evolved into this classic oval shape, they have all the features necessary to carry out their role to an unparalleled standard and will command your unconditional love.

The Sinnovator Eggs Kegel Balls have been expertly hand sculpted into a sleek oval shape to facilitate easy insertion and maximum muscle contact. Tantalising the sensitive nerve endings and offering consistently changing stimulation as the Kegel muscles contract around them, they are available in a pack of 6, allowing the wearer to increase their capabilities, whilst all the time strengthening their pelvic floor. The perfect ingredient to add flavour to extracurricular activities, whether out and about during the day, or dining in at home with a partner, the Sinnovator Eggs Kegel Balls promise optimum pleasure.

Hand poured from only the very finest, platinum silicone, these beautiful Ben Wa balls not only feel sensational, they are 100% body safe and non-toxic. In addition, they are compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

Signature Colour: The Sinnovator Eggs Kegel Balls’ signature colour has been developed by our talented team to enhance and excite. Ranging from a sensual hot pink to a cool sky blue, these Ben Wa balls ombre and blend between these beautiful colours, creating a stunning eye-catching set. Choose ‘signature colour’ to own this piece for yourself.

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